Buy silicone wristbands in Australia

When purchasing silicone wristbands to represent your brand, it should be kept in mind that it is more than choosing the right material or the design. Wrist bands have become quite popular at corporate events in the past decade or so. Initially it was made popular by the cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2004. He sported the yellow band with the words live strong to raise awareness for people suffering from cancer.

Why purchase silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands have come a long way since 2004. By 2007 they were customized jewelry brands which are available in a variety of sizes and designs to be suitable for a number of occasions and events. These were handed out at political rallies, concerts and became a part of the promotional merchandise.

Wrist bands are still handed out at different events to promote and to support the foundations. Wristbands are a trendy accessory which also carries a message for the intended audiences.

Purchasing silicone wrist bands Australia

The wristbands are designed from silicon which is a versatile polymer and is extensively used in a number of industries. It is sturdy and durable and is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. These are some of the qualities which make it an ideal material for bracelets and wristbands.

A silicone rubber base is cut into thin strips or tubes. The material is then separated with the help of a steel mold which is melted and formed into the shape of a bracelet. The wristband is then customized according to the specifications of the clients. The different colors of the rich brands are typically mixed before it is entered into the mold and a second layer of color is used after the mold is customized.

Regular machines produce thousands of wristbands in a day and therefore makes it quite easy to manufacture. The usual dimensions of a wristband in be anywhere around 7 to 8 inches in circumference and about half an inch in width.

Different kinds of wristbands

Wristbands can be constructed in a different type and materials. However, businesses determine what kind of text and color do they want to be printed on the band.

One of the more popular styles is the debossed band in which the text is engraved on the surface of the band with the help of a laser carving. Since the design is etched onto the surface the bands can last longer and also pretty simple to produce.

Embossed printing on the wristband makes it look raised and can create a different style like one with 3D effect. Which can help your brand message stand out easily and also creates a good impression on anybody who looks at it.

Another kind of wristband design is to make use of printed wristbands. Different color ink is used to fill the engraved spaces of the waistband and creates a contrast between the text and the ink making the message stand out easily.

Make sure that you buy from reliable wrist bands suppliers in Australia.

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