Who Are We?

When it really comes to relaxing, you only need a coffee and a great friend to listen to you and talk about their own life. But where would you do that? Of course, at the baker and builder café, one of the best café and restaurant in AU. We understand how much a great friend means to you, so we help you relax by providing a serene environment at our café for you to talk. But it is not just that, we also provide the best food so you may have a full stomach and great words for us when you leave.

What We Do?

In giving you a great time, we give our very best. That is how our services stand out from the rest: we indulge you in delicacies from across the world and give you an environment that helps you make the most of that indulgence.


Our desserts are one of the best in Australia and nobody that tries them goes away unsatisfied. Order from a fine range of different desserts and have your pick from them to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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Open House

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Coffees is one of our specialties and you can find the best variety of coffees with us. Be it a latte, cappuccino, espresso, americano, macchiato, mocha and what not.

Beautiful Ambiance

It is not all about the food when it comes to The Baker and Builder Café but also about our ambiance and seating. We offer designs and environment that inspires and presents itself as your safe space.

Latest Blogs and News

Buy silicone wristbands in Australia

When purchasing silicone wristbands to represent your brand, it should be kept in mind that it is more than choosing the right material or the design. Wrist bands have become quite popular at corporate events in the past decade or so. Initially it was made popular by the cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2004. He sported the yellow band with the words live strong to raise awareness for people suffering from cancer.

Why purchase silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands have come a long way since 2004. By 2007 they were customized jewelry brands which are available in a variety of sizes and designs to be suitable for a number of occasions and events. These were handed out at political rallies, concerts and became a part of the promotional merchandise.

Wrist bands are still handed out at different events to promote and to support the foundations. Wristbands are a trendy accessory which also carries a message for the intended audiences.

Purchasing silicone wrist bands Australia

The wristbands are designed from silicon which is a versatile polymer and is extensively used in a number of industries. It is sturdy and durable and is also hypoallergenic and non-toxic. These are some of the qualities which make it an ideal material for bracelets and wristbands.

A silicone rubber base is cut into thin strips or tubes. The material is then separated with the help of a steel mold which is melted and formed into the shape of a bracelet. The wristband is then customized according to the specifications of the clients. The different colors of the rich brands are typically mixed before it is entered into the mold and a second layer of color is used after the mold is customized.

Regular machines produce thousands of wristbands in a day and therefore makes it quite easy to manufacture. The usual dimensions of a wristband in be anywhere around 7 to 8 inches in circumference and about half an inch in width.

Different kinds of wristbands

Wristbands can be constructed in a different type and materials. However, businesses determine what kind of text and color do they want to be printed on the band.

One of the more popular styles is the debossed band in which the text is engraved on the surface of the band with the help of a laser carving. Since the design is etched onto the surface the bands can last longer and also pretty simple to produce.

Embossed printing on the wristband makes it look raised and can create a different style like one with 3D effect. Which can help your brand message stand out easily and also creates a good impression on anybody who looks at it.

Another kind of wristband design is to make use of printed wristbands. Different color ink is used to fill the engraved spaces of the waistband and creates a contrast between the text and the ink making the message stand out easily.

Make sure that you buy from reliable wrist bands suppliers in Australia.

Choosing family resorts for your next holiday

Are you planning your next holiday with your family? Chances are that you might be on the lookout for family friendly resorts. If you plan to travel with kids it is important that you make a right decision when choosing your accommodation. Keep the following things in mind so that you can find a family resort where you can enjoy a fun filled holiday with the family.

Choose a family resort with pool and slides

Kids love swimming around in the pool. They have extreme fun splashing in the water and it can keep them busy for hours. There are several resorts which focus or having slides and the pool so that children can play around and spend their energy dipping into the cool water. They are bound to find other case there is to play with as well. This way they can keep themselves busy enjoying the company of other children their age. Most of the family resorts offer loads of fun activities for kids like kite flying, ice cream bars and other fun activities.

Look for resorts with a safe beach

Living in a resort which is closer to a beach is a great option especially if you are holidays with the kids. There are amazing fun activities for children like snorkeling or visiting a Marine sanctuary. The shallow waters are safe enough for the children to play in. Kids are also offered complementary beachside toys like buckets and spades which they can play with. This can mean a perfect family holiday because happy kids mean happy parents. There are certain family resorts with their own private beach so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your little one. This private areas are far from the prying eyes and you can find peace and quiet that you crave for enjoyable family vacation.

Providing kid-friendly services

Children can be choosy eaters. However a resort which offers kid friendly meals should be your first option. There is a special children’s buffet at meal times. The food is such that children love digging in.

Also it is important that they help parents with children check in with ease. For families with small children travelling long distance can be quite tiring. This is why it is important which children are kept a little busy while the parents fill in the documents and make the necessary arrangements.

Most of these resorts also offer interesting children activities to keep the little ones busy during the holidays. Children can learn and enjoy swimming lessons different activities like Zumba or dance. This would help divert their energy to more productive outcomes.

It is also important to be on the lookout for kids friendly rooms and baby equipment. Most of these rooms are childproof which means that the sockets have fitted plugs in all items are kept on high shelves. Most resorts have their own high cots and chairs, so that parents have the liberty of travelling light.

Make sure you consider all of the above facilities when looking for family resorts in Sunshine Coast to spend your holidays.

Importance of Ambience in Restaurants

One of the most underrated things restaurant owners often overlook is the atmosphere. Yet, creating an awesome dining ambience by restaurants is equally important as the food and service they provide.

Guests walking through leading local restaurants notice three things at once: ambience, service, and cuisine. While customer taste and preference vary, restaurants missing out on these three important things lose out.

Great dining experience for guests that walk in is the ultimate goal of restaurants, regardless of their target customer base and concept. Strong customer loyalty resulting in repeated visits are the things that make restaurants earn and thrive.

This makes creating the best ambience equally as important as service and cuisine. Restaurants that want to make every dining experience truly memorable for their guests should strive to create the perfect atmosphere.

What is restaurant ambience?

The ambience created by a restaurant is more abstract than concrete. However, the entire dining experience is enhanced and becomes great with the perfect “feel” exuded by a restaurant.

A restaurant’s atmosphere and ambience contribute a positive or negative influence on every experience of guests. Factors such as presentation of food, decor, uniforms of the servers, music, and furnishings all contribute to the overall atmosphere of a restaurant.

These varied factors that influence the atmosphere of a restaurant are hard-to-control things. The success of a restaurant depends on all these factors to work harmoniously together.

The importance of ambience

Perhaps one of the most intensely competitive industries is the foodservice industry. The food service competition is pretty stiffer compared to average businesses. It has been found that customer dining decisions boil down to the concept and atmosphere of a restaurant.

Creating the perfect ambience

The uniqueness of every restaurant means that there is no clear cut way when it comes to creating the perfect ambience for its guests. Yet, guests are likely to notice some factors in a restaurant that directly influences its atmosphere.

The chosen concept

The choice of a restaurant’s concept is planned the moment it starts. The restaurant’s atmosphere is potentially shaped by every concept decision. For instance, a lot of tiles, stainless steel with booths and barstools, a bar countertop, and pastel colours are the furnishings chosen for a traditional diner concept.

Yet, there are types of restaurants that can feel authentic even without following a specific concept. For instance, a steakhouse is a type of restaurant that does not cause any preconceived ideas with their customers.

Be that as it may, a restaurant’s atmosphere still matters when it comes to creating a good first impression.

Furnishings and decor

A cohesive theme established by a restaurant with paint colours, decorative accents, wall decorations, and furniture is likely to elicit a positive response from guests. The consistency of the restaurant design is a major contributing factor to make its atmosphere memorable.

Right lighting

The restaurant’s overall atmosphere is hugely impacted by its lighting. Bright and colder fluorescent lighting is usually the choice of many fast-casual or fast food chains. It’s because guests never take too much into account when they eat in fast-food restaurants.

However, the game changes when it comes to sit-down formal restaurants. An appealing and inviting atmosphere is quickly created with the use of warm lighting.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint to follow, creating the best restaurant atmosphere is seen as one of the major contributors to its success.

Essential Things To Pack For a Fun Weekend Getaway

Packing for a weekend is quite a challenging task. Be careful and pack precisely to refrain from carrying along too much or too little luggage on your journey. If you pack too much then you would be carrying around a huge and a heavy bag for your weekend getaway which would be very difficult to carry around and if you pack too little you would eventually be purchasing stuff that you forgot and left at home. Hence, keep things that are not burdensome, make you feel relieving, terrific and which won’t stop from adventures of whale watching sydney harbour.


If you are traveling in winters then you will need a pair of shoes that you can wear all weekend. Get the ones that go with most winter clothes and are durable as you might need to walk a lot. But for summers, search for comfortable slippers or sneakers. Since they do not take much space you can take more than one pair with you if you have other activities planned as well.


Bring clothes you know you are comfortable in. Bring the ones you love and the ones that fir you. Always check the weather of the place you are going to before packing clothes. Moreover, pack clothes considering the type of activities you might be carrying out on your trip. Other than that, it is an art t pack clothes in limited space available, therefore, make sure that you only bring clothes that are needed and you are exactly planning to wear


Sunglasses are an essential item to take on any kind of trip. As they save your eyes from dangerous ultraviolet rays. They are not only used for fashion but also help to protect your eyes from harmful rays therefore, bring them along. Moreover, if you have contacts do not forget to bring their solution along.


If you love books bring one along you have been meaning to read. If it takes a lot of space to download an ebook and you can read it while traveling. Moreover, if you have brought any device along you can download and watch series, tv shows or even play games.


You would not at all regret taking a camera along on a trip. By bringing a camera along you can use it to capture moments, places, people you are on a trip with and can create new memories. Moreover, it will make your trip a memorable one.

Mentioned above are some essential things to pack for a fun weekend getaway. Make sure you pack the right things as it would be a short trip so you would not like to carry a huge bag all the way or miss something important. Hence, make sure on whatever adventure you are going to, you pack the things you exactly need and are important.

Digital Food | The Joomla Festival opens the doors to your restaurant

the Joomla Festival will take place at the Hotel Meliá in Milan and we have been sent to give a speech and a free consulting table on Food Marketing and Digital Food.

You will have the opportunity to listen to fundamental themes for your Restaurant, such as Marketing and Digital Food, which are the new frontier of catering, a sector that comes out of the kitchen and begins to listen to its target audience.

It is a population of demanding people who do not hide criticism through all available communication channels, first of all social networks, but who at the same time can become your main allies and bring your restaurant to the top of success, if you will know how to relate to them correctly.

Your restaurant’s digital presence is important and must be taken care of in detail of a strong content strategy and a brand identity connected with what you really and truly are.

The synergy between online and offline is essential to ensure that your customer’s expectations are met. Conquer the love of your customers, avoid anything that can be counterproductive for your turnover, like:

  • Disappointment , because a disappointed customer will be the bad living publicity of what you have not satisfied.
  • Missed expectation , what we communicate on the net must be equivalent to what happens in the restaurant. We cannot tell fireflies for lanterns .
  • Mistrust , the deep sense of non-belonging will bring down the level of trust in your restaurant.
  • Prejudice, it triggers deep when what we see does not match the idea we had made.
  • Criticism , in such a negative context, criticism will be around the corner.

Do you want to have more customers during your week in your restaurant?

Almost all the restaurateurs we know complain that they work little during the week and are worried about this situation, especially in the middle and low season.
If you also experience the same kind of problem, in this article we give you our reading key and reveal the solutions adopted with our customers, with excellent results … and without having to resort to the notorious and counterproductive Coupons …

If you also want to have more customers during the week in your restaurant and a higher and constant turnover over time, then you can read the rest of this article.

There is no doubt that since the ” unconditional credit taps ” were closed , which have characterized the years from 2002 to 2008, much less money is circulating and the people, who used to go out to eat 3 or 4 times a week on average , today they barely reach 1 or maximum 2 times.

On the other hand, the statistics clearly show this decline, so that from 2007 to 2011 there was a 11.3% reduction in spending to eat away from home in Italy, in some areas in the North we also reach 16.3 % ( la_crisi_nel_piatto.pdf on page 7 ) and, from what we have been able to find directly, in the last two years the data has further deteriorated.

It happens that most of the locals manage to have a sufficient or good influx over the weekend, often doing the double shift on Friday and Saturday nights. But already on Sunday for dinner and up to Thursday, the restaurant does not arrive on average even at 40-50% of capacity.

It is the consequence of the previous data: everyone goes out less frequently and, if they have to limit the dinners out, they are more willing to do it during the week, rather than in the indispensable and regenerating weekend.

This is a fact, but this does not mean that you cannot do anything to improve the situation, starting now and without having to wait for the “good old days” to return, if they ever come back.

You would not be an entrepreneur if you just passively endured situations and complained, rather than trying to react and straighten them out.

So you have already thought about what you could do, you probably have a lot of ideas about it and, if you want, here you have the opportunity to compare them with ours and take further ideas.

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